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There are believers and there are knowers. There are deep feelers and there are healers. The difference is where you place yourself and when. What I mean by this is when you believe in something you are looking outside yourself for ulltimate truth. To believe in something can be a beautiful experience, but it takes that which is outside of you to offer that experience. When we find our truth in our deep knowing, we experience the truth within. Within our soul lies capital T Truth that connects us all. When we learn how to connect to ourselves through quieting the mind and stilling the body, we can tap into this knowing as we allow the soul to speak to us in the unique way it will.

Conversely, the difference between a deep feeler and a healer is in the energy one places on the experience of those deep feelings. Are they being experienced within, for only that one soul? Or does the energy of those deep feelings translate into an ability to hold deep feelings with time and practiced experience? Once one grows the container to hold deep feelings, this container provides an opportunity to hold space for others outside the one deep feeling body. When one is capaable of holding the vastness of deep feeling states alongside another, the system of the other can grow to the capacity needed to allow healing to occur without shutting down the body or mind. This act of holding space in turn allows the other container to expand and become capable of holding space for itself and eventually another. In order to heal our broken world, we must be willing to continue the journey offering our container and step alongside those who've held space for us. And isn't this just part of the natural order of things? When we heal our wounds and feel free, it is a simple desire to share that experience with others. We innately feel called to lean into the act of helping others find freedom.

If we desire a healed world, we must be willing to see where we are placing our energy to notice if we are believing, knowing, feeling, or healing. Where is this serving us individually and where is it serving us collectively? May you stay curious about your energy and where it is needed most in this right now moment of being.

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