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Online Meditation

1:1 Somatic Coaching 

These are 50-minute sessions where we focus on the unique story your body is telling. We weave together nervous system education, experiential learning, tools, and techniques to support new, adaptable ways to engage in the world around us and within us. We will use the best blend of Somatic Experiencing, Yoga, and Self Massage in the moment to allow your process to unfold in the safest way possible.

Case Consultations

These sessions are for therapists to gain a new view of their clients and gather ideas of how to help clients in embodying their experience in session. We will discuss how to track the body, noticing nervous system threat responses, and what tools might support the client best.

Writing notes in the workspace

Group Coaching

If you have a group and would like to collaborate with Aurora for an educational or experiential event or series, please reach out to see what we might be able to create together. Some topics might include:

Body tools for healing

Yoga for Somatic Healing

Taking your body to therapy

Your wise nervous system

and more...

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